WBBOS Ecosystem

WBBOS has been built to provide security, privacy and anonymity for it's users. All base applications are installed as default to ensure the best user experience is given.

Existing Windows™, MAC™ or Linux® users will find themselves on a familiar environment due to the clever overlay of WBBOS. New applications can be installed with the click of a button, updates are done automatically and much more.

For crypto coin users an automated wallet build function is built in, which ensures the exact libraries are used and that a secure wallet is created. Further new wallets will run within a container which ensures one wallet cannot infect another wallet.


WBBOS offers during the install also two options:

  • Standard Install with no encryption during boot. (With this the system will run faster as encryption will slow the system down a little, however it is less secure without encryption)
  • Encryption of HDD. (With this you have the most secure option available, the system will run a little slower however. For high security we recommend to use encryption)


Data Recovery Tool

WBBOS has a data recovery tool built in, this will allow to recover wallets even if they have been deleted by mistake. The WBBOS recovery tool is a very powerful function for data recovery on WBBOS.


Anonymous Browsing

With WBBOS the default search engine is swisscows which is a secure and private search engine which does not track any user data and ensures all searches are anonymous.

WBBOS has also the following browsers installed:

  • TOR
  • Chronium
  • Firefox


The famous WBB Chat

WBBOS has the secure, private and anonymous WBB Chat installed. This chat application will allow to communicate with Android and Apple mobile devices in a secure environment where the user stays in control.

For the mobile companion search in the relevant store to download the app to your mobile device:


For Android, search in google store for WildBeastBitcoin

For Apple, search in the app store for WBB Edition


Blockchain Technology

WBBOS utilizes blockchain technology on top of a rebuilt Ubuntu core. Due to this, WBBOS is faster then existing Windows, iOS or Linux OS on the same hardware.

With WBBOS you can expect a minimum of twice the speed compared to your existing OS. Also due to the BigChainDB WBBOS is ready for DAPPs.



WBBOS is ready for DAPP (Decentralised Application) development and allows developer to built DAPP application directly on the WBBOS system.


Office Products

WBBOS has office tools installed as default, like open office, which allows you to work with Word, XLS, PowerPoint and others.



WBBOS has a sleek, fast and secure email client installed which support existing emails you have.


Other Applications

With WBBOS 1000's of applications are available for business and personal use. With the simple application search and installer tool users will be able to add new applications in no time.



WBBOS has a firewall installed as default to keep your data safe and provide another layer of security. Pre-configured and easy to set up.


IP Tables

WBBOS has its own IP Table application which ensures no access unless you allow it. This application is easy to setup using the interface and as default all incoming IP's and ports are closed.


Client & Server OS

WBBOS is provided as a client OS and a Server OS.

  • Client OS is free for all without license fee 
  • Client OS for DAPP development has a small license fee which is renewed every year
  • Server OS has a small license fee which is renewed every year

Updates for both client and server WBBOS are free


WBBOS will run on any hardware

It does not matter if you have a new system or and old system, WBBOS will run on it as it has a small footprint and is optimized for security and performance.

Try it now and get it from the download section