WBB Coin
Limited to 2.628 million only

Wild Beast Block

WBB is a pure mining scrypt coin which has been transformed and built into WBBOS. WBB first mining started at block 1 with no pre-mine.

With the integration into the WBBOS Ecosystem a re-branding from WBB's original name of WildBeastBitcoin was made.

The new name of WBB

Wild Beast Block

Build Date: 16.02.2015

First Block Found: 16.02.2015

Ticker: WBB

Algorithm: Scrypt

Type: PoW

Reward: 5WBB per block

Blocktime: 60 seconds

Halving: 262800 Blocks

Total Coin: 2.628 Million

Wallet Version: V4.5+ (Note: Min version of Wallet is V4.5, older wallets will not sync due change)

Trading Exchanges:

  • Main Exchange 1ex.trade at 0.15% fee only
  • Secondary Exchange Bittrex at 0.25% fee

Block Explorer: CryptoID

Market Cap: Coinmarketcap


What is WBB?

WBB is a long term investment coin and is not built for short term profits. With the integration into WBBOS WBB will become the base of future crypto currencies. Future coins will be built on the core of WBB to simplify the integration and to ensure new coins do not suffer the same issues as existing crypto coins based on levelDB. 

WBB also supports rare animals and has adopted with WHF already a Lion, a Tiger and a Snow Leopard. 

The Wild Beast Block will be a different approach to crypto. WBB adoption has risen over the last few months with more & more real world usages.