News Update

Re-Branding of WBB
The WildBeastBitcoin will re-brand to Wild Beast Block. This change will fall in line with the new WBBOS system (Wild Beast Block OS)
WBB Integrated in WBBOS
WBB (Wild Beast Block) will be integrated within WBB. With this integrated we move away from the basic crypto coin.
Message Insertion
Smart contract message insertion with WBB. A simple, clean, fast and efficient way to store data in the blockchain.

The Future of Crypto

Becomes Decentralised WBB becomes part of WBBOS
With the integration of WBB into WBBOS a new way awaits WBB going forward.
Faster and more stable WBB speed is with WBBOS increased
Utilizing the Bigchain DB increases the speed of WBB and ensures any asset can reside inside the Blockchain.

From the Blog

Decentralised WBB at the core for DAPP
WBB is becoming a powerful way for Decentralised Applications. WBB's integration to WBBOS becomes a new base for DAPP.
Speed Faster then ever
WBB with a new Bigchain Database is becoming faster each time the network grows.
Stable Stability at its best with WBB
WBB stability on the market and long term plans ensure traders have a coin with a future.
WBB is the future of crypto, just fantastic!
- Sascha N., Think WBB.
Extraordinary. WBB is by far my favorite coin.
- Remo N., WBB miner & trader
WBB cannot be ignored, it is a design for the future!
- Thomas F., Love WBB Features.