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Frequently Asked Questions - WBB Chat

FAQs - WBB Chat

Yes WBB Chat is totally secure. We use high encryption of 521bit and various other techniques to ensure your messages are secureĀ 

Yes, with WBB Chat you stay in control. You can delete at any time a message, image or voice message on your device and it will delete the message on the receiving device also.

Yes, when you lose your phone you can install the WBB Chat on your new phone and import your personal profile to it. The profile on the old phone will be revoked.

No, when you lose or forget your password there is no way to retrieve your password. You will need to create a new profile. You also need to add your chat partners again. Messages on other profile are lost.

No, if you have lost your profile there is no way to retrieve it. You must ensure you keep a personal backup of your profile. WBB Chat does not keep a copy of your profile.