WBBOS Ecosystem
decentralised ecosystem for security, privacy and anonymity
WBB Chat
Secure and private chat application for Android and iOS mobile devices
WBB Coin
Clean stable coin integrated in to the WBBOS platform
DAPP applications built on WBBOS

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WBBOS Key Features

WBBOS Key Features
WBBOS is secure WBBOS keeps your data private
With WBBOS you can rest assured that your data is secure. You stay in control
WBBOS Key Features
Private & Anonymous WBBOS is Anonymous and Secure
With WBBOS you ensure your data is private, no personal information is transferred


DAPP Powerful way to develop DAPP Applications
WBBOS is a powerful, decentralised OS built for DAPP Application development.
Security Built-in security and anonymity
With WBBOS security, privacy and anonymity is the core of the system.
Interface WBBOS interface for all
WBBOS offers an interface for all users. Windows, MAC and Linux users will find themselves on a familiar ground.
WBBOS is worth its weight in gold, just fantastic!
- Peter L., Think WBBOS.
Extraordinary. WBBOS is by far my favorite OS.
- Frank A., WBBOS User
WBBOS cannot be ignored, it is a design for the future!
- Thomas F., Love WBBOS Features.